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Complete sets of equipment for concrete
2015-04-29 19:22:00 Tips:984
Channel concrete lining equipment is to introduce and absorb foreign advanced technology, continuous development of independent innovation formed slope, trapezoid, U shape, rectangle, etc. a variety of forms, to have a variety of slope length: channel cushion paver, concrete synovial lining machine, concrete finisher, concrete seam cutting machine, such as a series of complete sets of equipment.
The concrete lining equipment has the advantages of good dynamic performance, high degree of automation, high cost performance ratio, flexible operation, low maintenance cost and so on. Concrete lining equipment can improve the engineering quality, speed up the progress of the project, reduce the cost of engineering, etc.. The equipment is widely used in the south to North Water Diversion Project, the west east pipeline, plain reservoir, large-scale irrigation channel construction.
SM channel concrete lining machine technical parameters
Equipment transmission form
To slope Support slope length(m) Lining thickness(mm) Width of canal lining(m) Width of canal bottom lining(m) Surface precision Circular arc section Machine power(kw) Lifting device Walking mode Wheel diameter(mm)
Electro mechanical hydraulic drive
1:1.0-1:3.5 3-35 60-350 ≤0.8 ≤2 ≤5mm Arbitrary shape 50-125 Mechanics•Hydraulic pressure Wheel type 200/250/300

Channel concrete plasteriag machine technical parameters
Smooth working width(mm Walking speed(m/min Grinding efficiency(m²/h To slope Adaptive slope length
2600 0-6 300 1:1.0-1:3.5 Match with host

Channel concrete photoreceiver technical parameters
Smooth working width(mm Walking speed(m/min To slope Adaptive slope length Adaptive slope length
800 0-7.4 Match with host Match with host Match with host

Technical parameters of concrete cutting machine for concrete
Slit width(mm Walking speed(m/min Cutting depth(mm To slope Adaptive slope length
410 0-7.4 80 Match with host Match with host

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